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Holiday Top 10: Top 10 Romance/Comedy Animes to Check Out This Holiday Season! by vonomo

By Von Jared Omo

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Alright guys, I know the season is almost over and this entry is long over due, but I wanted to take the time to make sure that my top 10 would certainly be enjoyable for anime viewers this season. Since it is the season to be jolly (whether you’re alone this season or sharing these moments with a significant other) romance comedy animes, romance animes, or comedy animes will certainly not disappoint. Here’s my top 10 romance/comedlookingupatthehalfmoony animes of  to enjoy this holiday season!

10. Looking Up At the Half-Moon
It’s winter time in Japan and Yuichi’s got hepatitis which leads him to stay at the hospital until he’s fully recovered. He gets tired of the same old blank walls of his room, and decides to sneak out to the other side of the hospital building for fun. Little did he know that he’d meet a beautiful girl there named Rika. This encounter causes him to fall for her due to her beauty.  However, she seems pretty selfish. When Yuichi tries to figure out why, he discovers that she doesn’t have much time to live. Is there anything Yuichi can do? Don’t worry…there’s some comedy in here too!

9. Saikano
saikanoAlright, who wouldn’t want to have a girlfriend that’s a powerful military weapon? Is it just me? Well, Saikano is the story about two high school students named Shuji and Chise who are in a complicated relationship. Shuji is your typical high school student while Chise is the clumsy girl everyone knows in class. During an attack on the city of Hokkaido, Shuji runs through the smoke and debris only to see his girlfriend standing in the rubble with metal wings and weapons attached to her body. The subtitle of the anime is “The Last Love Song on This Little Planet” which hints that this anime is truly a romance one. Can Shuji and Chise perserve their relationship despite Chise’s complications? Or are they and the world both doomed to end in destruction? Nothing funny here, folks! Witness love, loss, and tragedy in this anime!

8. Chobits
Ahh…an oldie but a goodie. If you don’t know what Chobits is about, picture the not too distant future run by beautifulchobits female robots doing everything you ask them to. These life-like female robots are called persocoms and they have made society much simpler, according to this anime. Hideki’s life suddenly changes when he discovers a tied up persocom in the trash, brings it home, and decides to call her Chi (due to the fact that it’s the only word she can say). He begins to form a friendship with the  persocom and teaches it things. He starts to become deeply attached to this persocom. He recieves advice from a persocom expert and tells him not to form any deep relationship or fall in love with his persocom for it may bring unfortunate results. Can Hideki overcome these perceptions and change the relationships between people and persocoms or will he fail and be hurt in the end? If you think this anime is all romance and drama…think again. There’s some funny ecchi moments in here and you can’t help but laugh at Hideki’s attempt to help Chi function in the real world.

7. Kanon
kanonNamed after Pachelbel’s “Canon” (and yes, the song can be heard in some episodes of the anime). Kanon is a town where it always snows, which means it’s winter all the time. The anime circles around boy named Yuichi Aizawa, who returns to this city 7 years later. However, due to some emotional event, he cannot remember anything that happened in this town during his childhood. After getting settled in, he runs into a girl named Tsukimiya Ayu who has wings on her backpack. As he continues to spend time with her, he begins to recollect the memories he had once lost. Yes…don’t worry…there’s some funny moments in here too! Did you think I was just gonna give you guys all serious romance animes? NO WAY!

6. Clannadclannad
Tomoya Okazaki is a third year high school student who thinks his life is going no where. He lost his mother and his dad is an alcoholic. One day at school, he meets a girl named Nagisa Furukawa who seems to not have that many friends. Tomoya begins to spend more time with Nagisa and finds himself doing things and going places he only dreamed of. Could she be the one Tomoya needs in order to be fulfilled? Maybe! There’s cute moments in this anime, funny moments, and other moment’s that just want to make you go “AWW”…or was it just me?

5. School Days (Rated “T” for TEEN!)
schooldaysYou’re probably asking yourself “School Days? Why?! This had some wacked up ending…and why is it #5?” It’s #5 because I enjoyed watching it! Despite the rated R scenes (sexy time scenes), I liked how it mixed in suspense, thrill…and dare I say…some gore? YES…GORE! BUT! That’s in the last few episodes. The anime is about a boy named Makoto who rides the train everyday to and from school just to catch a glimpse of the one he loves, a girl named Kotonoha Katsura. In order to get her to notice him, Makoto asks his friend Sekai Saionji for assistance. Little does he know that Sekai is in love with him as well. She helps him, but things get complicated and problems such as misunderstanding, arguments, and unwanted pregnancy occurs. WOW! All this in an anime? Now you know why it’s #5. This anime goes where animes are afraid to go. tokimekimemorial

4. Tokimeki Memorial
Ahh…high school romance. Need I say more? I guess so! Aoba Riku has just transferred to a new high school due to his father’s job, and things are going exactly as planned. The headmaster’s secretary controls the school, the teachers are straight up weird, and half the student body picks on him, especially on his first day which causes him to run away from them the whole entire day!  One thing is for sure though, romance is in the air. Can Riku survive this new school or will he let it eat him alive?!

3. Toradora!
toradoraWe just had a review on this a while ago! But for those who have short term memory, a guy named Ryuji and a girl named Taiga help each other to get to their crushes. Ryuji likes Taiga’s best friend Minori while Taiga likes Ryuji’s best friend Kitamura. The thing is…Taiga is one violent girl and can get carried away at times. Ryuji and Taiga have to put up with each other if they want to go out with their crushes! This anime is filled with comedy, strong emotion, and romance as well. I think I’ve said this in the review. In cased you missed it, CLICK HERE and you’ll be able to check it out!

2. Nodame Cantabile
Ahhh…Don’t you love it when music and anime fit together perfectly? Shinichi Chinodamenchiakiaki’s arrogance at his music academy is only matched with his piano playing skills…which is amazing! But when he thinks he’s better than he’s teacher, he gets demoted to the low class musicians and meets a girl named Noda Megumi. Despite her messy looks and clumsy personality, she can play the piano like nobody’s business. When they both meet, Noda falls for Chiaki and will do anything for him even going as far as calling herself Chiaki’s girlfriend. As for Chiaki, he can barely stand the sight of her. Things get worse when he finds out she lives right next to him! But Chiaki sees something in Noda, the potential to be a great piano player and that’s what draws Chiaki to Noda.

1. Fruits Basket
fruitsbasketAnd here at #1 is the greatest tear-jerker of them all. Tohru Honda is a 16 year old orphaned girl who gets invited to live in the house of her classmate, Sohma Yuki, and his cousins, Kyo and Shigure. What she doesn’t know is the curse they hold: they turn into animals of the Chinese zodiac when they are hugged by the opposite sex. However, this curse is not to be taken lightly as it is known to bring pain and even heartache. BUT! The anime is surely funny as well! You’ll surely want to check this out!

As you can tell, my list is different from a lot of top 10 romance anime lists out there. I made this list thinking of romance anime, and along the way I thought of romance animes mixing in different genres, such as action and suspense. I hope you guys enjoy these animes this holiday season and I hope it doesn’t disappoint.



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u know what?toradora for me is the top fruit basket is also best..but nodame cantabile…i badly want to watch but i cant find a site where i can watch it full….pls email me where can i watch it..pls pls pls i badly want it….huhuhu and i also want to suggest u to watch lovely complex if u havent watch it…ul like it for sure… thanks…
email me ASAP.. ^_^

Comment by bunso

hey bunso,

if you want to watch Nodame Cantabile (both the live action drama and the anime) check out I’m pretty sure they have it there.

And yes, I’ve watched lovely complex already. It’s pretty good, but for some reason I just couldn’t get into it that much. I did enjoy it though! =D

Comment by vonomo

Great list. Good taste of Anime.

Comment by TopAnimes.Net

Thanks! Glad you liked the list…it was a hard one to come up with!

Comment by vonomo

Great list watch familiar of zero, i on fone so i wont comment much 🙂

Comment by Suu

Hey, I found your blog while searching on Google your post looks very interesting for me. I will add a backlink and bookmark your site. Keep up the good work!

I’m Out! 🙂

Comment by online stock trading guru

what about ouran high host club better than fruits basket

Comment by WTF

Awesome list!
I highly recommend u watch Maid-sama (idk wut the whole title is, but just search for maid-sama and u should get some results.) cuz its my fav comedy + Romantic anime EVER!

Comment by christina

It’s Kaichou wa Maid-sama. Yeah. I agree, it’s one of the best, but its kinda not done.

Comment by Dude

school days had a very sad ending i like the start but the end sucked

Comment by brodyb

^.^ watch Kaichou wa Maid sama… 🙂 it’s the best comedy/romance anime i ever watched xD

Comment by Raudhah Azman

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